Without rack

There are no devices added externally to the sliding leaf, no unsightly rack or chain. The door remains clean and elegant as designed.

Without external motor

The Easy Gate System automation has no external motors for the gate, due to the motor and other components being installed within the gate frame.

The Easy Gate System motors are combined with one or more wheels of a sliding gate/door, in which they are then integrated and removable, without protruding elements or visible from the outside. The absence of side rack or chain is a great benefit for the aesthetics, it frees the designer from a very restrictive constraint and makes possible designs that would otherwise be too complex or even not achievable. Gates or telescopic gates, overlapping gates, skylights, mobile and telescopic covers, movable walls and panels, sliding windows, sun-blinds and sliding blinds are the most common applications that can benefit from them. The small size of the motor unit allows the use of the Easy Gate System in a very wide range of sliding applications.

Unique, most advanced gate automation

This is the latest, most innovative design on offer in Spain in 2018.

Easy to install

The automation consists of a compact mono-bloc, control unit with receiver and rechargeable batteries, which is simply inserted into the supporting beam of the gate, without external visible bolts.


Double integrated, electronic and mechanical safety system, with delicate impact detection.Built in photocells give immediate stop in case of obstacles.



It can power gates to windows, from skylights to roofs, from moving walls to rotating platforms.

New applications are designed and tested every year.


The ultimate in space saving technology

Gates automated by Easygate System do not require an externally mounted motor or a rack of any description freeing up space and make the gate look more stylish.

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