Safety, when installing any automated equipment, is of paramount importance. Expert Gates actively promote safety wherever possible.

In June 2010 the tragic deaths of 2 young children in separate incidents less than 1 week apart only served to highlight the safety issues facing the European gate automation industry. All automatic gate systems by LAW must be installed in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and supporting standards as highlighted by recent safety advisories from the European Agency Health and Safety at Work

The EU-OSHA will be primarily responsible for any investigations carried out on gates where incidents have occurred and can prosecute installers or manufacturers accordingly. All Manufacturers and installers of automatic gate systems should take all necessary steps to meet compliance with the Machinery Directive to ensure their completed products are safe.

To aid manufacturers & installers in meeting the requirements for directive compliance, a harmonised product standard for gates was produced in 2003. The standard BS-EN13241-1:2003 provides an umbrella platform for creating a compliant gate product. The umbrella platform refers to supporting standards which contain information and requirements for various aspects of the gates performance & design. This guide is designed to provide installers with a summary of the key requirements of each supporting standard referred to by the product standard, and show how to apply appropriate solutions to meet each requirement.

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Gate Safe
Gate Safe was set up in 2010, in the wake of the tragic deaths of two children crushed by automated gates, in separate accidents. Gate Safe brings together representatives from companies and trade and safety organisations to improve understanding of safety guidelines and petition for stricter safety legislation to prevent further accidents. Expert Gates conforms to the Gate Safe supporters ‘Code of Conduct’. For further information please visit the Gate Safe website.

In 2016, the Door & Hardware Federation released the DHF TS 011:2016 Code of Practice (click to download). Several key elements of this code of practice have been designed to demystify complex standards and make things clearer for installers and maintainers of gates and barriers to understand.