Terms and Conditions

Maintenance/Service Contract

This is a contract for the gate automation equipment maintenance services between: who is the owner, or person in control of, the property listed below (hereafter referred to as The Client) and Expert Gates Costa del Sol is made and entered into on this day

Declaration by Client

1. The Client owns, or has legal control of the equipment, specified and described in the risk assessment and hereby incorporated into this contract by reference. 2. The Client desires that the equipment be maintained in good working order, and to keep in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and supporting standards. Such maintenance services is to include periodic inspections.

Replacements of parts as needed and emergency repairs made whenever any of the equipment breaks down due to vandalism or accidental damage  are charged at our normal rate less 20%.

Declaration by Expert Gates Expert Gates is in the business of providing gate automation equipment maintenance services, and hereby undertakes to provide the following maintenance services to The Client:

1. All of the Equipment listed in the maintenance and servicing schedule attached, shall be inspected, and maintained on a regular basis, to keep all in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC and supporting standards.

2. Expert Gates shall respond promptly to any of the Client’s requests for emergency repairs after receiving such a request from the Client, or nominated agent, via telephone, email, or other communication method to which the parties agree.

3. Expert Gates shall ensure that all services provided under the terms of this contract are performed by persons trained and proficient in the provision of the services.

In consideration of services provided by Expert Gates, the Client agrees as follows:

1. To pay to Expert Gates the sum of € per year during the duration of this contract, commencing with a payment on the contract date, or at a predetermined date. To call at the address (x)times a year to inspect and test all safety devices fitted, and to ensure that the equipment is within all safety regulations.

2. To pay to Expert Gates for the materials used in each repair actually performed by Expert Gates. The price of any repair to be notified to The Client before commencement of any work.

3. To purchase from or provide to Expert Gates such parts, supplies, and other materials as may be necessary and reasonable in order to maintain the equipment installed at the property below in good working order and to current legislation. It is understood that the success and satisfactory performance of any maintenance service or repair performed by Expert Gates depends upon the quality of materials used. Therefore, the Client shall be fully responsible for any failure or dissatisfaction arising from any service or repair that is done using materials not purchased from or specified by Expert Gates.

Invoices for repair fees, itemising all goods and services billed, shall be submitted by Expert Gates to The Client no later than 3 days after the repair. The Client shall pay each invoice within 7 days of its due date. The Client may terminate this contract at any time by providing written or verbal notice of intent to terminate the contract on a specified date to the other party, at least two weeks prior to the intended date of termination. Both parties  hereby warrant that they are fully authorised and entitled to enter into this agreement.