Gates and Garage Doors

Gates and Doors on the Costa del Sol

We are based on the Costa del Sol and we now install all types of quality welded aluminium gates and exterior doors. Which have the benefits of:
  • High strength, durability and thickness, for greater longevity and safety.
  • Giving more lightness gives better performance of peripheral equipment. 
  • Maximum safety and reliability in the door structure.
  • Maximum protection against oxidation and atmospheric agents.
  • Unbeatable finishes and extensive range of colours.
    Sliding Gate

Our welded aluminium gates, along with their design and construction have advantages over other types of gates, such as greater hardness, thickness and strength, attributes that give our gates a higher level of safety and satisfaction. 

At the same time, our welded aluminium gates enjoy the maximum lightness and strength that only aluminium can give. A benefit that results in greater performance, product life cycle and longer life to other equipment that can integrated into the door such as motors, bolts, pulleys, etc.

Because the aluminium joints are welded they are noticeably stronger than bolted or riveted intersections. 

As the finish is a baked lacquer, it guarantees maximum protection against oxidation and  ultra violet fade. No rust, infrequent painting!


Some of the designs available

Sliding & Swing Gates


Panel Size

Pedestrian Gates