Nice Spykit 550

For sectional doors up to 9 m2 and up-and-over doors (including canopy doors) up to 10.5 m2

Product Price €210.00
Size: 38 cm x 38 cm x 12.5 cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 3200 g
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  • Spain: €20.00

Product Description

24 Vdc irreversible electro-mechanical gear motor for residential use, transmission with rack on the rail.

To be combined with SPYRAIL321, SPYRAIL162 and SPYRAIL081 rails.

Functional and stylish: the motor is the only component that moves on the rail, there are no chains or other noisy mechanisms. Ideal for any architectural context.

Handy: Separate control unit: more practical and convenient for programming and maintenance. Built-in LED courtesy light. Three practical keys to control the automation.

Quick to install: modular rail with assembly accessories. Limit switches easy to position along the rail with no need to stand and work on the ceiling. No chains or other noisy mechanisms to install.

Easy to program: simple and fast basic programming, using the Quick Setup procedure. Simplified advanced programming, using O-View. ON/OFF release system: pulling the release knob once releases the motor; pulling it a second time blocks the motor again, in any position along the rail.

Inexpensive to run and environmentally-friendly: when connected to the mains in standby mode, the control unit consumes 1.5 W.

Safe: obstacle detection, motor power monitoring during travel, diagnostic messages via flashing light and courtesy light. Adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of each manoeuvre. Ready for installation of the latest generation 8.2 kOhm resistive sensitive edges.

Optimised logistics: for practical management and transport, the rails are available in different sizes: single 3.2 m long rail, or supplied in two 1.6 m sections plus a 0.8 m extension.