Jack Slater

Dear Sir, Thank you for your excellent service in response to my emergency problem with my electric gates.

You came within half an hour of my call, and you found the fault, and rectified it, and I am most grateful indeed.

Yours sincerely, J. Slater, Pastor, International Christian Church, Marbella

Neil Watson

I have lived on the costa del sol for 13 years and have employed the services of many trades people. Few are as knowledgeable about their specific profession as Colin Proctor. He turned up when he promised, he priced it realistically and he had my gates working properly ahead of schedule. He also did extra bits which were not in the pricing but didn’t charge.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing work done in relation to electric gates.

The Mysterious Switch!

Caroline, from Calahonda, called to tell me that their gates weren’t working. She said that they had been working fine until that morning, I said I would be there ASAP.

When I arrived, true enough, the gates were not moving! I opened the control box and saw that there was no power to the unit, how odd I thought. The first thing I tried was the on/off switch  on the side of the box. Hey presto it turned the control unit on and it worked perfectly!!

But who, or what had turned the controls off? Caroline and her husband, Gregg, didn’t even know there was a switch on the side. No one else had been in the property, and the switch is quite hard to press.

This is a mystery that only Jonathan Creek can solve! Does anyone have his number?


Cat and Dog World AEG

Bill, from Cat and Dog World, called to say the main sliding gate was making a very strange noise!

On inspection I discovered that a couple of teeth on the motor’s cog had broken off and were rattling around in the cog’s cover.

Got a new cog from the supplier in Malaga, and fitted it same morning.