If you've got WiFi, and a Smart Mobile, we can make your home Smart!

Quick Add

Adopts auto-search mechanism, APP can auto-search and add device ID, no manual work needed. Simple and fast!


Remote Control

Devices communicate with mobile APP via WiFi and cloud server. As long as phone has network, you can control devices from anywhere at any time

Powerful Timing

Support multiple timing modes: single, repeat, countdown, loop timing.Max. 20 timing schedules supported, auto-execute even network interrupts.


We can make your home a smarter home.

These make the perfect replacement for those old mechanical timers you may have, that control your security lights or swimming pool pump. The fiddly ones you keep having to adjust, probably with the help of a magnifying glass and torch, if there’s a power failure, or when the clocks go back or forward.

Or open and close your garage door and turn the lights on or off, from inside your car.

The uses are endless. And a lot more affordable than other makes available.