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Discover the new Yubii ecosystem for even greater control of your home automations. So you can live your life with fewer worries.


Yubii, the new Nice ecosystem


The new Nice Yubii ecosystem is the ideal solution for both those who want to make home automation more

 efficient and those who want to start automating it.
Through the Core hub, a real control centre and heart of the Yubii system, connected to the home Wi-Fi network, 

it is possible to connect and make all your Nice automations interact with each other and create 

personalised scenarios based on the individual needs of people: turn on the garden lights every time the garage

 is opened and open all the shutters when you wake up together with, for example, the garage door to let your dog out.
The MyNice Welcome application, available free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play, 

allows you to use the Yubii ecosystem remotely directly from your smartphone. At any time and wherever you are,

 in fact, you can manage awnings, shutters, garage doors, gates, barriers and lighting for a complete control of your 

home: you can find on your return, the garage door already open or check if the gate is perfectly closed when you are

 not at home.
The bi-directional remote controls Nice Era One BD (for controlling gates and garage doors) and Era P BD

(for awnings and shutters) are also an integral part of the new ecosystem and inform not only about the status 

of the automations (open, closed, moving), but also about the reception of commands. 

The luminous, tactile and acoustic signals (3 colours – green, red and orange -, a vibration for Era One BD or 

an acoustic signal for Era P BD) allow, in fact, to remotely control whether the automations have received the 

command correctly. Nice bidirectional remote controls communicate with all bidirectional receivers, including those 

controlling awnings, blinds and rolling shutters, increasing the range so you can cover the whole house with

 just one command.
Safety, comfort and control. 
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