"The Gate Repair Guy"

Today I’m maintaining and servicing electric gate, and garage door systems, that I fitted way back in 2000, and that others have installed a long time before that! Having a problem with your gate or garage door? Give me a call on 636394641

Tired of waiting to get in or out? The new line of Hi-Speed motors for swing and sliding gate automation is born. Cut the waiting time!
A vast range of add-ons for your safety and convenience available. From extra remote controls to safety devices.
If you have a problem with your gate/garage automation system call me on 636394641, and I will get to you as soon as I can, or provide advice on how to overcome the problem of being locked in or out.

New line of powerful and reliable motors for the automation of sliding and swing gates, guaranteeing even faster opening and closing. The operating speed is up to three times higher compared to the traditional motors for gate automation.